Lesson 1: How People Really Find Jobs

In Step 4 of the Beyond Grad School framework, it’s time to begin applying for jobs!


One of the biggest mistakes we see graduate students make is: they submit hundreds or thousands of resumes to online job postings hoping that something will “stick.” This haphazard approach to job searching will lead to frustration and failure. There are more effective ways to job search, which we will teach you in this module.


Instead of haphazardly applying to jobs online, here’s what you should do instead (click below to start watching the video lesson).

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Here’s a glance at this lesson…


>> [03:00] Why and how to network.


>> [10:41] The networking process.


>> [15:43] Who you should contact for informational interviews and how to conduct them.


>> [20:21] Sample informational interview request.


>> [22:07] How to write an elevator pitch, and some examples to get you started.


>> [26:29] Final strategies for success.

Introduction to "Step 4: APPLY"

You’re nearing the end of your program, and now it’s time to apply for jobs! Hopefully, you’ve been building your network and finding opportunities to apply skills and gain experience while earning your degree.


At the end of this module, you’ll be able to develop a network in your chosen field of interest, write tailored job documents that will stand out to hiring managers, and implement proven strategies to ace the interview and negotiate with confidence.


The lessons in this module build on the foundational knowledge you learned in Connect. But if you skipped those lessons or need a refresher, not to worry. We’ll cover similar topics in this module so that you can confidently apply for jobs.


You’ll complete lessons to help you:


• build and grow your network for career success


get active on LinkedIn


• write tailored resumes and cover letters that will stand out to hiring managers


• prepare for a job interview and confidently negotiate an offer.


Throughout your job search, make sure to continue reaching out to professionals who work in your targeted career field. Your community will be critical in helping you at every step of your job search. By networking, you will hone your interview skills, learn about compensation packages and how to negotiate, what it’s like to work at companies of interest, and receive recommendations for positions.


Remember: people hire people. Throughout your job search, connecting with others and communicating your value will be critical to helping you land a job and build your career.


Each lesson is accompanied by guiding questions and exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned.


We recommend that you download the form-fillable PDF workbook and type out (or write out!) your answers as you go.


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This module will help students apply for jobs in their chosen career field. Video lessons teach students how to write and modify resumes, articulate their skills and competencies during interviews, negotiate job offers, and network for career and job search success.

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