I'm submitting resumes but not hearing back. What should I do?

Video Chapters 

• How hiring works in North America


• Hiring from an employer’s perspective


• How employers find people to fill positions

• 5 things you should know 


• Why you MUST tailor your resume


• The skills you need to include on your resume

About this lesson

Submitting resumes and not hearing anything back is frustrating and demoralizing. But did you know that only 8% of resumes submitted to an online job posting ever receive an invitation for an interview? If your job search strategy consists of sending out hundreds of resumes, stop! Watch this lesson to learn how you can get your resume reviewed by hiring managers.

Worksheet Activities

Download the worksheet for this lesson, or complete these activities using the Take Notes widget.


1. Reflect on your current job search strategy and consider what percentage of your time is spent networking vs writing resumes.

2. Many master’s students avoid networking. What are your three biggest fears or concerns that you have about networking?

3. Review the lessons in the Networking Deep Dive. Which of these lessons will help answer your questions? Make sure to schedule time in your calendar to complete the lessons and remember to set a reminder!

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