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I'm submitting resumes but not hearing back. What should I do?

If your job search strategy consists of sending out hundreds of resumes, stop! Watch this lesson to learn how you can get your resume reviewed by hiring managers.

How to identify my skills when writing a resume

Simply listing skills on your resume isn’t enough. You need to show impact. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to write a strong resume — and show employers you’ve applied your skills with success.

Do I really have to network?
(Hint: Yes)

Did you know that only 8% of resumes submitted ever receive an invitation for an interview? This lesson will help you understand how and why networking is critical in your job search.

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Beyond Graduate School is a one-of-a-kind, online platform that helps master’s students make the most out of their investment and build their careers.

Not sure where to start? Take this quick assessment to learn what’s working and what’s not in your job search. Plus get 3 clear steps you need to take next to move your career forward.

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Stuck in your job search? Here's what to do next

June 7th | 4 P.M. ET

Truth is, it takes 6 or more months to land a job, which means you should start thinking about your job search today. This interactive workshop will help you kickstart your process.

Is Your Resume Not Getting Interviews? Here's Why

July 12th | 4 P.M. ET

48% of graduate students believe that submitting resumes is the most effective way to job search, but it’s not. This interactive workshop will teach you how to get a hiring manager to actually see your resume.

Boot Camp: How Master's Students Can Land Jobs & Gain Experience

September 11 - 14th | 4 P.M. ET

Are you a Master’s student feeling overwhelmed by the process of applying for internships or a job? This series is designed to help you navigate the process with confidence and success.

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How To Build Your Network

What You Need To Know About LinkedIn

Apply For Jobs or Internships

  • How to unlock the hidden job market
  • How do I show I’m the right fit for a company?
  • How to write a resume
  • How to write a cover letter

Interview Strategies

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Our mission is to support master’s students in building careers where they are paid for their education and training. Through our comprehensive curriculum, master’s students learn the most effective ways to job search in today’s economy. On-demand lessons, workbooks, and live trainings, will help you confidently launch a job search and help you build a career. Beyond Graduate School is the only professional development training platform designed specifically to meet the needs of all master’s students. 

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Our career assessment tool helps students identify where they’re stuck in their job search and how to move forward. By answering a series of questions, our tool helps students unearth specific challenges in their job search. Students are then given action steps they can take—and resources they can use—to move forward in their career.

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Free monthly events hosted by the Beyond Grad School team are designed to help students recognize the challenges master's students face in graduate school, and how the research-informed curriculum in Beyond Grad School can help them prepare for a successful job search.

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