How will my degree help me land a job?

Video Chapters 

  • Hiring from the employer’s perspective
  • What employers value about your degree
  • How to communicate the value of your degree to employers

About this lesson

You’ve invested time and money in earning your degree. Now, it’s time to find a job where you can be paid for your education and training. But what is it about your degree that employers really value? In this lesson, you’ll learn how to articulate what matters most about your degree, and strategies you can use to confidently communicate your value to employers.

Worksheet Activities

Download the worksheet for this lesson, or complete these activities using the Take Notes widget.

1. Prior to watching this lesson, what did you consider the most important part of your degree program? In what ways did this lesson confirm what you thought? In what ways did it change your perspective?

2. Evaluate the key skills employers look for in job candidates presented in the video lesson, and identify your top 5 marketable skills. During your graduate program, when did you develop and apply these skills with success?

3. At the end of this lesson, Dr. Wood suggested three possible “next steps.” As you reflect on your current knowledge and understanding of the job search process, which lesson will you complete next? Make sure to schedule time in your calendar and set a reminder so that you can keep moving forward in your job search.

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