Why do I have to network?

Video Chapters 

  • How hiring works in North America


  • How networking will help you gather critical information for your job search


  • How to identify the right people to network with
  • Using LinkedIn to build connections


  • Strategies for in-person networking

About this lesson

A lot of master’s students hope that they’ll be able to land a job by just submitting resumes to online job postings. But did you know that only 8% of resumes submitted ever receive an invitation for an interview? If you’re not networking, it’s going to be very hard to land a job. This lesson will help you understand how building connections can help you be successful in your job search.

Worksheet Activities

Download the worksheet for this lesson, or complete these activities using the Take Notes widget.


1. Prior to watching this lesson, what assumptions did you have about networking? In what ways did this lesson confirm what you thought? In what ways did it change your perspective?


2. Based on what you’ve learned about networking in this lesson, what 3 things should you start doing to move forward in your job search?


3. Connect with the alumni office and career center at your university. What resources do they have available to help connect you to alumni and build your network? Schedule time on your calendar to explore these resources. Remember to set a reminder so that you can keep moving forward in your job search.

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