Introduction: How to find a stable career

Video Chapters 

  • Questions you might have about starting your job search


  • How to find a career you’ll love


About this lesson

Job searching after your master’s can feel overwhelming — especially if you aren’t sure what career path you’d like to pursue. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to identify a career pathway where you will thrive, engage in meaningful work, and connect with people and projects that matter to you.

Workbook Activities

This lesson covers pages 5-6 in the Finding Your Career Deep Dive Workbook. You can also use the Take Notes widget to complete these activities. 

1. Reflect on your current job search strategy. Have you been feeling overwhelmed at all? What specifically are you currently finding challenging about job searching?

2. Your Optimal Career Pathway™ metric is made up of three components: 1) Your values, motivators, and interests, 2) Your skills, 3) What will the world pay you to do? Based on what you’ve learned from the video lesson, what are some things that you’d include under each component? It’s ok if you don’t know everything that you’d include right now. This is an early opportunity to reflect, and a place that you can work from as you watch the other videos in this Deep Dive.

3. We have a number of lessons in this Deep Dive to help you move past the overwhelm and find the right career for you. Set SMART goals to help you work through the lessons in this Deep Dive. Make sure to take a minute to block off time in your calendar to accomplish your goals.

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This deep dive is designed to help students identify their career path and goals. Many students default into master’s programs without having a clear understanding of what careers they’d like to pursue, or how their advanced degree can move them forward in their career.

Short video lessons are designed to help students identify a career path where they’ll thrive, find meaningful work, and leverage their education and skills.

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