Lesson 1: Building Connections for Career Success

In Step 2 of the Beyond Graduate School five-step framework, we’ll focus on the most important aspects of career success: building connections and gaining experience.



Watch the video below to learn why building connections is so important, and HOW to start building your network. 


After watching this video, you’ll be able to identify who you should connect with, how to build your network, and strategies to help you clearly articulate your career objectives in a way that will lead to opportunity. 

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Here’s a glance at this lesson…


>> [02:53] Why and how to network.


>> [12:52] The networking process.


>> [18:58] Who you should contact for informational interviews and how to conduct them.


>> [25:26] Sample informational interview request.


>> [27:31] How to write an elevator pitch, and some examples to get you started.


>> [32:10] Final strategies for success.

Introduction to "Step 2: CONNECT"

Step 2 of the Beyond Grad School five-step framework is building connections and gaining experience in your desired career field.


At the end of this module, you will be able to cultivate relationships with industry experts and build your network, apply proven job search strategies to land an internship, and expand your skillset through internships, practicums, and coursework.


Networking is one of the most critical areas of your job search. Networking is an opportunity for you to learn from other professionals in your field, connect with employers, and learn how to confidently speak about your skills.


Through networking, you will also learn about career opportunities where you can gain experience. In a survey, 92% of employers wanted to see evidence that a candidate had applied their knowledge in an industry setting.


To be successful in your job search after your master’s degree, you will need connections and experience.


This module will teach you foundational skills to help you connect and gain experience in graduate school. You’ll learn how to network, design compelling application documents for internships, navigate career fairs, and prepare for interviews. Explore the video lessons to learn how to:


Identify opportunities in graduate school to build skills, gain experience, and grow your network.


Navigate career fairs with confidence.


Find, apply, and interview for internships to help you build your career.

Each lesson is accompanied by guiding questions and exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned.


We recommend that you download the form-fillable PDF workbook and type out (or write out!) your answers as you go.

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Employers value evidence that job candidates have applied their knowledge and skills with success. Most jobs in North America are filled through networking and referrals. The lessons in this module are designed to help students identify opportunities during graduate school to gain experience and develop key connections with potential employers.

Short video lessons are designed to help students identify and articulate their career goals, identify opportunities in their graduate program to apply skills, and successfully apply for internships.
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