How to Prepare for an Interview for Internships

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>> [00:38] Criteria employers use to evaluate job candidates.


>> [03:39] Steps in the interview process and what to expect at each step.


>> [07:54] Description of the different types of interview questions and the purpose of each type of question.


>> [17:40] Preparing STAR stories that can be used to answer a variety of behavioral interview questions.


>> [22:53] How to answer common interview questions.


>> [28:50] Final tips and strategies to ace an interview.


At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:


•  Outline the interview process.


•  Describe the different types of interview questions that are asked and the purpose of each type of question.


•  Use supporting points and STAR stories to answer various types of interview questions.


•  Apply strategies to prepare for and ace your interview.

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Questions to Consider


1. What kinds of interviews are included in the overall interview process? What are some characteristics of each?


2. What are common types of questions you may encounter in an interview?


3. What criteria do employers use to evaluate the candidates they are interviewing?



1. The interview process can vary by company and industry. Who are 3 people in your network you can ask about the interview process at the organization you applied to?


2. Practice writing STAR stories. Look at a position you recently applied for. What are the key skills (technical and interpersonal) they are looking for in candidates? Choose 3 skills and write 2 STAR stories for each skill.


3. Practice answering interview questions. Find common interview questions online. Cut them up, place them in a bowl, and choose one. Record your answer. How well did you answer the question?

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How to Prepare for an Interview for Internships

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