Navigating career fairs with confidence

Video Chapters 

• Identify the right goals for attending a career fair


• Research you should do before attending a career fair


• Sample questions you can ask employers


• How to prepare for a career fair


• Additional tips to help you successfully navigate a career fair

About this lesson

When preparing to attend a career fair, it’s important to have clearly defined goals about what you’d like to achieve. Keep in mind that while landing an internship/job is one main objective of a career fair — it’s not the only goal you should focus on. Career fairs are also an important part of networking and gathering critical information for your job search. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to prepare for a career fair, including research you should conduct, what to bring, and what to wear.

Workbook Activities

This lesson covers pages 12-13 in the Networking Deep Dive Workbook. You can also use the Take Notes widget to complete this activity. 


1. Navigating a career fair successfully starts with outlining your goals. What are your goals for attending a career fair? Who will you speak to and what questions will you ask in order to gather the information you need to move forward in your search for an internship or job?


2. Make sure that you’re prepared for the career fair by doing some research ahead of time. Identify a company that you want to speak with at an upcoming career fair and spend 15 minutes doing online research. Make a list of additional information you need to gather from this company when you speak to them at the career fair.


3. Practice your elevator pitch for the career fair so that it feels natural. If you need help drafting an elevator pitch, check out our lesson on how to introduce yourself when networking.


4. Spend a few minutes considering your attire for a career fair. Make a plan and budget for acquiring any items you might need.

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