What are my marketable skills?

Video Chapters 

• Why skills and experience matter in a job search

• The skills employers are looking for in job candidates

• How do I figure out what MY marketable skills are?

About this lesson

What you’re looking for in your career is an opportunity to apply your top skills while pursuing work you find meaningful and rewarding. In this lesson, you’ll identify the key skills, competencies, and tools employers look for in a job candidate. Then we’ll reflect on YOUR experiences at work, school, internships, or other volunteer projects in order to identify your most marketable skills.

Workbook Activities

This lesson covers page 10 in the Finding Your Career Deep Dive Workbook. You can also use the Take Notes widget to complete these activities. 


1. Take a look at job ads for a variety of careers, or a career field of interest if you have one in mind. What top skills do you have that employers value? Make a list of your top technical skills, interpersonal skills, and personal qualities.


2. Use the downloadable spreadsheet provided to identify examples of where you have applied key skills with success. Refer back to the job ads of interest you found, and copy and paste language from the job ad that describes key skills into your spreadsheet. Next, add examples of where you’ve demonstrated those skills with success during your Master’s degree. This spreadsheet will form the basis of the STAR story library that you’ll want to build during your job search.

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