Benefits of certification

Master’s students who will be pursuing a career upon graduation will benefit from earning badges through Beyond Graduate School. By completing each module, you will have a framework to succeed in earning your degree and launching your career. You’ll be able to: 

  • Design a plan and build skills for degree completion,
  • Cultivate relationships with industry experts and build your network,
  • Articulate your career goals, skills, and values with confidence,
  • Implement proven strategies for job search success,
  • Prepare for career success in the professional workspace.

By completing all lessons in a module and earning 80% or better on each quiz, you will earn a badge. Complete all badges to earn a certification of completion.  One module will take approximately 5 hours.

Once you’ve completed the module, email member@beyondgradschool.com. We’ll verify your quiz score and email you a badge for your LinkedIn profile.

What each certificate will help you do

√ DESIGN: CAREER EDUCATION empowers you to design a clear plan for your time in graduate school. You will have a strategic plan for earning your degree, leveraging your education, and building skills for degree completion and career success.


√ CONNECT: CAREER EDUCATION will help you authentically connect with a community of professionals in your chosen career field. Learn how to clearly articulate your career objectives, build a network, and find and apply for internships. 


EVALUATE: CAREER EDUCATION you will develop a Career Opportunity Metric™ by which you will evaluate career opportunities so that you can build a career where you’ll thrive. Your metric includes your marketable skills, your workplace values, and your long-term career goals. 


APPLY: CAREER EDUCATION empowers you to apply for jobs with confidence. You’ll learn how people really find jobs, strategies for writing effective resumes and cover letters, and how to ace the interviews. 


BUILD: CAREER EDUCATION sets you up for long-term career success. You’ve landed a job — now it’s time to build your career. These lessons are designed to help you build skills employers look for in job candidates: collaboration, innovation, team work, and leadership.

Add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile

You will need the certification number from the certificate that was emailed to you. Email member@beyondgradschool.com to apply for your certificate.

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