Lesson 1: Making the Most Out of Your Next Opportunity

Once you’ve landed your job after your master’s degree program, you’ll enter the final step of the Beyond Graduate School framework. This module will help you develop skills you can apply to help you build your career.


By completing this lesson, apply strategies to navigate the first 90 days of your new position, identify opportunities for advancement and growth at your place of employment, and recognize the importance of professional development in career success.


Build overview page

Here’s a glance at this lesson…


>> [02:17] What to expect in the first 90 days.


>> [05:17] Strategies to be successful during your probationary period.


>> [10:53] Identifying professional development opportunities at work to build new skills.


>> [13:40] Articulate your career goals to your manager.


>> [16:09] Building skills and knowledge through self-study.


Introduction to "Step 5: Build"

At the end of this module, you will be able to examine current career choices, identify new opportunities to advance your career, and apply valuable skills in the workplace.


This module will help you examine current career choices, identify new opportunities to advance your career, understand workplace culture, and build collaboration and teamwork skills.


Professionals change jobs every three to five years, which means your first job out of your master’s degree program won’t be your last. Rather, it will be a building block you can use to build the career you want. During the next six months to a year, it will be important for you to reflect and evaluate your career choice: is the work intellectually engaging? Is the company the right fit for who you are? What other skills might you need to develop to continue to grow and advance in your career?


Lessons in this module are designed to help you design a plan for long-term career success. You’ll have an opportunity to consider characteristics and attributes employers value in employees, and how you can incorporate these skills in your day-to-day work.


Explore the video lessons to learn how to:


•  Build relationships for career success.


•  Demonstrate integrity, honesty, and build trust with your employer.


•  Apply leadership, teamwork, and collaboration skills in the workplace.


Each lesson is accompanied by guiding questions and exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned.


We recommend that you download the form-fillable PDF workbook and type out (or write out!) your answers as you go.


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A student’s first job out of their master’s program is not the end, but a continuation, of their learning and development as a professional. Lessons in this module provide students with an important framework to succeed as a professional in the workforce. Students will learn how to identify opportunities to build on skills developed during graduate school, including leadership, teamwork, and collaboration. They will also learn how to reflect and evaluate their career choices and identify opportunities to advance and grow in their chosen career field.

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