Beyond Graduate School

Marketing Tool Kit

Resources to promote the Master's Career Training platform
and engage more graduate students

Introduce Beyond Graduate School


Use the provided logos and description to create a customized page on the Graduate School website. 


Let your campus community know that graduate students have access to Beyond Graduate School using these email templates:

Intro Slide & Postcards

Use this slide and these postcards to let graduate students and campus partners know they have access to Beyond Graduate School. 


Share this video with your campus community and embed it on your website. 

Social Media

Does your office use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram? Use these assets to promote Beyond Graduate School to your campus community. 

Printed Materials

Use these printable flyers to spread awareness of Beyond Grad School around campus. 

Webinars, Workshops, and Special Events

Monthly Webinars January-April 2024

Engage your students in this platform by promoting upcoming webinars and special events.  We host webinars once a month, and our job search boot camp twice per year. 

NEW! Virtual Workshops

Current partners can now book TWO virtual workshops for your campus. These workshops and our award-winning curriculum are specially designed to help master’s students launch their job search.

Marketing Tips

Best Practice Handbook

We’ve conducted best-practice research and surveyed partner institutions. Download your guide to learn how to engage your students.

Quick Tips

1. Share monthly webinars and special events. Learners are more likely to take action when it’s a time-sensitive event.


2. Share resources with faculty. Students look to departments for information about careers.


3. Use our curriculum before, during, and after 1:1 advising appointments. 

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