Beyond Grad School Member Events

For Individual and Institutional Members of Beyond Grad School’s Career Training Platform.


These events are an opportunity for you to learn directly from the Beyond Grad School team. We’ll share research-informed curriculum to help you learn proven strategies for your job search.


All events are held directly in the platform. Advanced registration is required. Replay are available for 14 days after the event has ended. Please login to the platform once prompted and you’ll be directed to the registration page.

How to Network When You Don't Have a Network

Oct 25th at 4 PM ET

Studies show up to 85% of jobs are filled by referrals. But what do you do if you don’t have a network? This interactive workshop will show you how to start building a network of professionals working in career fields that interest you.

Stuck in Your Job Search? Here's What to Do Next

Nov 8th at 7 PM ET | Nov 15th at 4 PM ET

Truth is, it takes 6 or more months to land a job, which means you should start thinking about your job search today. This interactive workshop will help you kickstart your process.

Is Your Resume Not Getting You Interviews? Here’s Why.

Dec 6th at 7 PM ET | Dec 13th at 4 PM ET

Sending out resume after resume, but not getting any interviews? You’re not alone. This interactive workshop will teach you how to actually get a hiring manager to see your resume. 

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