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Make the most out of your investment and launch your next great career.

Learn the key elements of a successful job search, so that you can get paid for your skills and education. Individual memberships to Beyond Graduate School are now available.

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Before purchasing a membership, check the list below to see if your institution already has access. You can log in here. To find out if your institution is currently in the process of subscribing, email

Arizona State University
Augusta University
Boston College
Case Western Reserve University
Catawba College
Duke University

Emory University

Florida State University

Florida International University

Illinois State University
Michigan State University
Missouri State University

Northern Illinois University
Oklahoma State University
Oregon State University
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Syracuse University
The Ohio State University 
The American University in Rome
Tarleton State University 
University of Florida 
University of Iowa
University of Hawaii 
University of Kansas

University of Miami 
University of New Hampshire
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Pennsylvania
University of South Dakota
University of Texas – Dallas

University of Vermont
University of Wisconsin – Madison

Vanderbilt University
Virginia Commonwealth University
William & Mary
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

☑️ We provide the comprehensive career curriculum for graduate students and PhDs at 60+ institutions.

☑️ Since 2017, we’ve helped thousands of graduate students succeed in their job search.

☑️Each year, we help 35,000+ graduate students learn effective job search strategies and how to successfully leverage their degrees into meaningful careers.

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This Career Training Platform was designed for master's students and graduates, just like you.

Beyond Graduate School will give you the confidence, skills, and specific career advice you need to leverage your degree and advance in your career.


You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and energy into your master’s degree.


Learn the job search fundamentals and career skills you need, so you can see the return on investment you want.

"I appreciate how accessible Beyond Grad School is. I finally felt like I wasn't falling behind in 'adulting' or figuring out how to maximize my grad school experience.

Very rewarding and stress-reducing."

The platform has been really helpful at building on the career development programming I have received from my college and has provided me with a number of useful tools I hope to implement when I'm in the job search process after my graduate studies.

"The prerecorded courses and trainings on resume building and the interview library [in Beyond Grad School] have helped me hone and refine my job search skills and improve the way I communicate during interviews and use the STAR method effectively."

Want to see what's inside Beyond Grad School's Career Training Platform?​

This Career Training Platform was designed for master's students and graduates, just like you.

This platform is for you, if you:

Just started your master’s program and know you’ll want to be prepared for the job search, but you you have no idea where or how to start.

Just started your master’s degree and already have a career, but you’re looking to advance in your field once you’ve earned your new credentials.


Have already graduated from your master’s program but you’re struggling to make progress in your job search.


Applying for jobs but not having the success you’ve hoped for.


Ready to put in effort to find a financially and professionally rewarding career.

To sum it up: Beyond Grad School's Career Training Platform will transform your future career path

6 month access to Beyond Grad School's Career Training Platform

Tuition is

$ 297

Lifetime access to Beyond Grad School's Career Training Platform

Tuition is

$ 497

What's inside the platform

Beyond Graduate School helps master’s students learn job search strategies through on-demand trainings so they can secure employment after graduation. You’ll be empowered to tackle your job search with confidence in your skills and strategies when you enroll today. 

Structured curriculum

Students are guided through research-based, structured curriculum to help them through each stage of their job search. Video lessons, workbooks, and assessments help facilitate their learning experience.

Career video library

Our one-of-a-kind video library where students can watch interviews with master's and PhD holders working in all career sectors: academic, government, higher ed, industry, and non-profits.

Live events

In addition to the guided video lessons, students have access to monthly live events to learn the latest in industry hiring trends.


By completing video lessons and our curriculum, students can earn certification for their professional development.

Here's what you'll get when you enroll in the
Career Training Platform

On-demand Answers to Your Job Search Questions  Say goodbye to all the questions you have about resume writing, job applications, and interviewing for jobs.

The Entire Framework for Advancing Your Career
You’ll learn Beyond Grad School’s step-by-step process for a successful job search, and stop wasting time with common mistakes master’s students make in failed job searches.

A Clear Roadmap for Career Advancement
Learn how to conduct a successful job search without the overwhelm and uncertainty. Being a master’s student juggling classes and work is hard enough — take the uncertainty out of your job search and advance your career with confidence.

Supporting All Master’s Students

Our one-of-a-kind video library hosts 100+ career interviews with master’s graduates from 16 different academic disciplines. Listen to graduates from your discipline, so you can get the program specific advice you need to launch your career. .

When you add it all up, that's a total value of over $800.

But because we’re super excited about welcoming individual members into our Career Training Platform, you have the opportunity to enroll TODAY for just… 

6 month access to Beyond Grad School's Career Training Platform

Tuition is

$ 297

Lifetime access to Beyond Grad School's Career Training Platform

Tuition is

$ 497

In case I missed anything, here's some frequently asked questions...

Well… let’s answer this with a few more questions.


• Are you a master’s student, or recent graduate, who will be applying to jobs soon?

• Are you stuck in your job search, with no idea of how or where to start?

• Are you already applying to jobs but not having the success you’d hoped for?


If you answered YES to any of these, then Beyond Grad School’s platform could be a great solution for helping you move forward in your job search, so you can get paid for your education and training.

The entire Beyond Grad School 5-step framework for career transition with 6 month or life-time. The self-paced modules mean you can take as much, or as little, time as you need (value: $497)


Yours-to-keep workbook and job search plans (value: $127)


Access to any career conferences hosted during your enrollment (value: $114)


Total value starting: $738 but you can get started today for $297 USD.

Yes, you can! You can access our Demo Site, which will give you limited access to Aurora’s curriculum and platform.

Sign into the Demo Site HERE.

For 6 months access to the Career Training Platform: $297 USD.

For 12 month access to the Career Training Platform: $497 USD.

There’s a lot of career advice online you could wade through, but I’m guessing you’ve already done that and you’re frustrated with information overload (kind of like the awkward family conversations where everyone wants to give “helpful” advice about your future…).


This 5-step career transition process is unique to Beyond Graduate School and based on 7 years of research.


I’ve taken all that I’ve learnt working with hundreds of graduate students and compiled it into a clear system to follow so that you can avoid frustrating (and time-consuming) trial and error.


I totally understand job searching while doing your master’s can feel overwhelming — especially when you’ve got coursework, internships, and your career to build.


But let’s think about what’s “overwhelming” here.


Typically, overwhelm happens when we don’t have a step-by-step, proven process to help us move forward in a job search. Our career training platform works exactly BECAUSE the job search process is overwhelming without it. 


You won’t be doing a million things at once in the Training Platform.


You’ll have on-demand access to answers about your job search, whenever you need support. You’ll use the lessons to help you navigate challenges in your job search, and gradually get breakthroughs that will have you eager to keep moving forward.


When a job search feels messy and unknown, our platform and job search strategies will help you keep moving forward with purpose.

Are you ready to start your job search process the right way -- finding jobs you'll actually enjoy and setting yourself up for long-term career success?

Put our proven strategies to work, and your job search process will be transformed, preparing you for career success.

6 month access to Beyond Grad School's Career Training Platform

Tuition is

$ 297

Lifetime access to Beyond Grad School's Career Training Platform

Tuition is

$ 497

Behind the Scenes of Beyond Graduate School

L. Maren Wood, PhD is CEO and Director of the Center for Graduate Career Success, a mission-driven organization that partners with universities to prepare master’s and doctoral students for career success. The Center provides digital training platforms (Beyond the Professoriate and Beyond Graduate School) through which graduate students explore career options and learn job search strategies. Since 2017, the Center has provided career support for over 100,000 graduate students.


Since 2012, Dr. Wood has dedicated her career to supporting universities in preparing graduate students and PhDs for meaningful careers in academia and beyond. Her expertise has been featured in Inside Higher Ed, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and peer reviewed books. She also serves as external advisor on committees such as the Council of Graduate Schools Humanities Advisory Committee and the ETS Graduate Education Advisory Council, and is regularly sought as a keynote speaker.

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